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Contact Tom Markoe
Contact Email aquacide1@gmail.com
Address 1627 9th Street, P.O. Box 10748
City White Bear Lake
State Minnesota
Postal Code 55110
Country United States
Telephone 651-429-6742
FAX 651-429-0563
Description Aquacide Company was formed in 1956 to produce and market Aquacide Pellets. At that time a first class postage stamp cost 4¢ and 10 lbs. of Aquacide Pellets cost $14.95. Today a first class postage stamp costs 49¢ and 10 lbs. of Aquacide Pellets cost $85.00. We think you will agree that Aquacide Pellets were and still are a terrific bargain! Since that time we have grown considerably and so has our product line. The reason we have grown is simple. Our proven products get you results, are environmentally sound, and are easy to use. The products offered here will help manage your recreational lake or pond to make the most of your property's potential. Proper use of these products will increase the value, restore and improve the enjoyment you receive from your property. Improve your water quality, restore water oriented activities and increase the value of your property by controlling aquatic nuisance weeds this year.
Web site http://www.killlakeweeds.com/

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