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Contact Ansis Guslens
Contact Email info@icdservicesc.om
Address 803 Alderman ave.
City Prospect Heights
State IL
Postal Code 60070
Country USA
Telephone 312-239-0505
Description ICD SERVICES provides a full suite of fixed-cost, environmental drafting services for site assessment and remediation projects managed by consulting firms. Figures include site maps, site location/topographic/aerial maps, groundwater elevation contour maps, groundwater/soil analytical maps, isoconcentration figures, boring logs and geologic cross sections. All work is managed through a cloud-based work management system, which allows clients to: - submit work requests - upload data files - track work status - download ready AutoCAD, LogPlot or gINT figures - request edits to figures and boring logs - receive invoices
Web site https://icdservices.com

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