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EcoSense International
Contact Randy Burden
Contact Email
Address PO Box 540562
City Merritt Island
State FL
Postal Code 32954-0562
Country United States
Telephone 321-449-0324
FAX 321-449-0325
Description EcoSense™ Stormwater Filtration systems are internationally tested and utilized structural devices which have demonstrated TSS removals of greater than 95% and the effective removal of additional pollutants including suspended and emulsified hydrocarbons (oils, grease, and fuels), phosphorus and nitrogen, volatile organic compounds, PCBs, and various organically bound heavy metals (i.e. lead, copper, zinc, chromium) from stormwater, wash-water and wastewater, while allowing the cleansed water to pass through quickly and safely to be reused or discharged. Media formulations that kill bacterial and remove dissolved heavy metals are also available. Our Stormwater Filtration systems are designed so that materials like leaves and coarse sediments are deflected away from the filter's entry ports, minimizing flow impedance. After first flush, our peak flow bypass system, the “Clean Pass™” Over Flow, effectively detains “floatables”, allowing only clean water through. Once the storm event subsides, the filter catches up and continues filtering all of the incoming stormwater. The useful life of the filter depends on the specific application and varies from six months to two years. The filtration system is usually installed in under an hour.
Web site http://www.ecosenseint.com